Mini cupcakes for Melanie

Sara Bakes Cakes
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Made these at my sister Melanie's house for her Christmas party. See the sprinkles? I told you I've been using them a lot! Below is Gus going after the cupcakes. After his first birthday he wants MORE!

Little Hand on Cake Dome


Cupcakes for Sarah

Sarah's cupcakes
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Made for my friend Sarah's birthday brunch. The chocolate cake is Martha Stewart's one bowl chocolate cupcake recipe, not my favorite, but it's easy and Sarah loves it. I'm now purchasing these sprinkles in bulk from Surfas and you'll see them a lot!


Elmo cupcakes!

Elmo cupcakes!
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Made for Victoria's birthday party. 36 in all - fun!
These definitely turned out better than my last batch, simply because the red was more intense (thanks to Wilton no-taste red).

The next day I had some extra frosting, so I made some friends for Elmo.
Elmo and friends


hello old friend!

Haven't written in forever, which is pretty much par for the course. Here's a quick summary of what's up. In Florida now visiting my dad, came with the boys. Leaving tomorrow morning.
---Looking for another aupair - speaking to someone from Germany now, but her english isn't great and I'm lousy with that, so we'll see how it goes.
---Currently addicted to flickr, tried to show my dad how to use it and he looked a little lost - maybe it's the way I explained it?
---It's so nice and warm here, not looking forward to the chilly temps in Dobbs Ferry!
---Articles that struck me today:


A Cupcake Problem?

The Times seems to think so...